Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Run - 5.1 km

Another fabulous run today! I went faster than I usually do which felt great... I ran at 6.5 for 20 minutes and then slowed it down to 6-6.2 for the last 10 minutes of my run. Nothing feels better than running for longer than you expected... having that desire to keep pushing your body is something that is hard to explain, but one of the greatest feelings in the world.

If you've already pushed yourself to get to the gym, you may as well make it worth while and give yourself the proper work out you deserve. No sense going to the gym only to quit 5 minutes short of your run time, or to drop that last set just because you don't feel like doing it.

When I get the urge to stop running, I have to ask myself why?

Am I stopping just because it is easier than running? Or am I stopping because I have to (pain, time, etc). Nine times out of ten I want to stop just because it's easier. Keep Pushing....

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