Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Run - 3.5 km

YAY!!! Second day I've made it to they gym at 6am!

It was a much better run than yesterday. I didn't do any floor exercises but I did spend 5 minutes walking at a 'brisk' pace.

I ran at 6.5 today as well. Slowly getting up to 7.0. I took a 1 minute walk break at 10 minutes (which is a surprisingly refreshing break.)

If you are new to running I would highly recommend the 10:1 run-walk ratio. The running room recommends this 'pace' for a lot of their training programs. However, I prefer to do a 9:1 ratio. Using a 9:1 ratio means that every time you reach a number that ends in '9' you walk, and '0' you start running again.

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