Monday, December 1, 2014

Run - 2.5km

First morning run of December!!

A friend and I are attempting a two week, morning exercise commitment. Basically we both want to work out in the morning, but we hardly ever do it. Most days, it makes no sense to peel ourselves out of a perfectly comfortable bed, therefore sleeping in beats going to the gym 9/10 times.

However, in an effort to end the year on a good note, we will be attempting to exercise in the morning. (Or at least for two weeks, before I leave on Vacation).

Her and I live over an hour apart so we will be supporting each other by being an additional alarm clock. We call each other each morning, and we cant' hang up until the other is dressed and ready to go to the gym.

Day 1 = success.

As for the run... I only got in 2.5km. My body felt stiff, and I was hungry. However, I was so proud of myself because I was actually at the gym at 6am.

I have been consistently running at 6.0 mph, which used to be a struggle for me. I am now feeling quite confident at this speed, so I'm thinking I'll bump it up to 6.5 mph by mid week. My tri goal pace is 7.0 mph for 10km. :)

I also did some body weight/floor exercises this morning which was a great wake me up (tomorrow I think I'll start with these). The gym I go to is great! They provide sample workouts posted on a bulletin so gym-goers don't have to think about 'what to do next'.

Basic Total Body Warmup:

50 squats w 15 lbs 
40 bicycle situps
30 push ups

Broken down into 3 sets

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