Friday, December 12, 2014

Goal Day!!

I successfully made it to the gym 6 times in the past two weeks! My reward... SHOPPING!!!

I may have went a little nuts, considering my 'goal' was fairly mediocre and people go to the gym in the morning every day. But... I'm an equally huge fan of positive reinforcement and 'feeling good=looking good'. Therefore, I shop.

For the last day of my challenge I completed this work out (so generously thought out by the staff at my gym!)

Work out

8 minute run at 6.1
10 squats
15 walking lunges (each leg)
10 sit ups
10 lat pulldowns
8 minute run at 7.0

Repeat twice, or three times, or four times....

Today I bought some basic black capris from ONETOOTH ... my other ones were too big and giving me saggy butt...

Word on the street is that ONETOOTH is a less expensive, but similar quality to Lululemon. At first glance they appear to be very similar to Lulu's WunderUnder Crops. The main differences I have noticed so far is that they are shorter, falling just below the knee, whereas Lulu's crops hit mid calf. ONETOOTH doesn't have that little, waist pocket that is found in most Lulu bottoms... the one that I've never used. The fabric is comparable, yet slightly different. I prefer the feel of luon, and Lulu's seem to breath a little bit better. ONETOOTH has made a good effort at creating a similar product to Lulu's WunderUnder crops, however for the mere difference of less than $10 (Lulu = $72, Onetooth = $65) I think I will continue to rave over Lulu's stuff. 

I also bought some classic TYR black swim suit bottoms. I will be surfing during my upcoming vacation and I cannot stress enough the value in a tight fitting pair of bikini bottoms.

Lastly I bought some much needed black spandex... My wardrobe is becoming a spandex/luon market!! 
As I was fashion showing my newly purchased items for my boyfriend, as I got to these shorts, he said, "Ah... you're one of those cool girls now!". So, there you have it ladies, Underarmour spandex are now considered, CoolGirl Shorts. 

Can't wait until I complete my next goal... so I can go shopping again!!

Next Goal: Complete 12, 1 hr, morning Gym sessions in January. 

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