Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Calgary Marathon - 10km

Why would I pay to run 10km, when I could just as easily run in the park for free?

There is just something about running with 2899 other people at 7am on spectacular Sunday morning that makes the entry fee totally worth it... (and obviously, I do it for the shirt).

I really need to work on my 'running-face'... 

I successfully achieved my goal for this run... finish in under 1:00 hour. My time was 59m42s and I finished 74/201 in my gender/age group.

My next goal... run 10km in under 58 minutes by the end of August 2015. I imagine I'll be quite fatigued by the time it comes for me to run my triathlon... I'm hoping for my tri run to be under 1h10m.

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