Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Real Life Moment: the 'hand up' street crosser

Walking to work this morning I realized a moment in life when my ability to be indecisive reaches an all time high... I was standing on the street corning waiting to cross the road with 4 or 5 other city dwelling workers. Then one bold person decides to start their journey across the road EVEN THOUGH the 'do not walk' hand was still showing. Now, there was no vehicles coming. This defiant 'hero of the crosswalk' was perfectly safe.. aside from the possibility of getting a $500 jay-walking fine. Instantly I'm torn between joining this fast walking fella, or waiting like a sign post with the rest of the 'waiters'.  I wonder if this 'crosser' is smart for doing what he's done, or stupid and a rebel? Maybe he is in such a hurry he couldn't possibly wait the extra 20 seconds for the 'hand' to turn into a 'walking man'. Am I conforming by staying behind with the others? Or would I be conforming if I followed this man, just because that's what he's done? I don't know...

Anyways.. by the time all of these thoughts have run through my head the sign has changed and I shuffle my way across the road.

I wonder what everyone else thinks when that one guy crosses the street without the signs permission...  

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